As we’ve reported, two hostages were rescued by the IDF Sunday night and are now safely back in Israel with their families. How did they come to become hostages, anyway? The Daily Beast reported that they were “allegedly” taken by Hamas militants on October 7. They’ve since stealth-edited the tweet, but there are screenshots.

Two Israeli men who were taken hostage by Hamas militants during the group’s devastating Oct. 7 attacks were rescued in an overnight mission in Rafah.

— The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) February 12, 2024

— The Mossad: Satirical, Yet Awesome (@TheMossadIL) February 12, 2024

We saw the original version of this headline.

— Eli Lebowicz (@EliLebowicz) February 12, 2024

Oh, you stealth-edited out “allegedly.”

That suggests you have a modicum of the ability to feel shame.

Do better.

— Armed Liberal (@TheArmedLiberal) February 12, 2024

Hmmmm, this version looks…. different.
My bad, I mean it allegedly looks different.

— WannaBeHocker (@wannabehocker) February 12, 2024

Good thing you removed allegedly, but you all are still a poor excuse for journalistic writing.

— Neta Yoffe (@PRnetaNY) February 12, 2024

This story has been stealth-edited to cover up an appallingly bad piece of journalism.

— Chris Chittleborough (@CChittleborough) February 12, 2024

I see you now grudgingly admit they were indeed taken by Hamas.

— ajaguilar (@antoniojaguilar) February 12, 2024


Guys people can’t be returned who were allegedly taken hostage. And I don’t think there’s been any dispute that hostages have been being held otherwise there wouldn’t be much to discuss. Is the truth really that liquid to you guys? If so check your heads.

— Devorah Firestone, CPACC (She/Her) 🥰 ☮️ 🇺🇸 ✡️🎗 (@devorahf) February 12, 2024

Hamas has been posting videos of the hostages they “allegedly” kidnapped on October 7, so that’s a pretty clear indication that they were involved.


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