Sometimes, we need a laugh after things have been pretty rough. A funny video of a dog dancing, or a person slipping on ice is normally my go to.

In these turbulent times, however, we have the Dallas Cowboys, a bucket of laughs at all times. No matter how good or bad Dallas is, they are always funny and their last play against the San Francisco 49ers is a perfect example.

Let’s set the stage: Dallas is down 19-12 in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, and they’re in their own territory. Dallas lines up with RB Ezekiel Elliott at center (note: he’s never played center in his NFL career).

The linemen are lined up on the far right side and Dak is in shotgun behind Zeke. The Niners initially call timeout, just flabbergasted at the preposterousness of the situation.

After the timeout, the Cowboys lined up in the same formation (I’d love to know what the formation is called), and actually snapped the ball.

RB/C Ezekiel Elliott snaps the ball and immediately gets destroyed, because expecting a RB to pass set like a center is smart and cool.

Dak, who had an off game, was rattled under the pressure and threw the ball late to Kavontae Turpin, who is normally a kick return specialist.

Turpin, who didn’t have a snap on offense before this one, catches the ball and immediately gets hammered, and doesn’t lateral the ball. Game over.

It’s impressive how the Cowboys can seemingly one up their disasterclass last year against the Niners with one even more impressive. It’s like watching your favorite prop comic hit himself in the face with a shovel again.

Dallas knowing they had a shot to win and ended up resorting to the Little Giants playbook has to sting, however. This is a play that’ll be talked about all offseason.

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