The longest field goals in NFL history, updated after Justin Tucker’s 66-yard game-winner

Two kickers attempted to break the NFL record for the longest field goal ever in Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season. One attempt ended in disaster, while the other sailed through the uprights and now sits at the top of the league’s record books.

Arizona Cardinals kicker Matt Prater attempted a 68-yard field goal just before halftime against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Prater’s kick was short, and Jacksonville’s Jamal Agnew fielded the kick and returned it 109 yards for a touchdown. Nathan Vasher did it first. Agnew’s return tied the record for the longest touchdown in league history, a distinction he now shares with Cordarrelle Patterson and Antonio Cromartie. Cromartie’s score also came off fielding a missed field goal.

Shortly after, the Baltimore Ravens lined up for a 66-yard field goal in the final seconds while down two points against the Detroit Lions. Justin Tucker knocked it through for the win. Tucker now holds the record for the longest field goal in NFL history.

Here’s a list of the longest field goals the NFL has ever seen.

There have been five 62-yard field goals in league history

Prater did it himself in Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season:

Brett Mower hit twice from 62 yards out for the Dallas Cowboys in 2018 and 2019. Stephen Gostkowski of the New England Patriots hit a 62-yarder in 2017, and Matt Bryant of the hit a 62-yarder in 2006 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There have been six 63-yard field goals in NFL history

Maher hit a 63-yarder for the Cowboys in 2019. He’s 3-for-3 in his career from at least 60 yards.

Sebastian Janikowski of the Raiders in 2011, Graham Gano of the Panthers in 2018, Jason Elam of the Broncos in 1998, Tom Dempsey of the Saints in 1970 and David Akers of the 49ers in 2012 all also hit from 63 yards out.

Matt Prater’s 64-yard field goal is the now the second longest in NFL history

You can watch Prater’s 64 yarder here.

Justin Tucker’s 66-yard field goal is now the longest in NFL history

Not only is Tucker’s kick the longest in league history, he also made it as time expired to give his team the win. What an incredible moment.

Off the crossbar and in. It was meant to be.

Tucker is 16-for-16 on field goals in his career in the final minute of regulation. There were some amazing reactions in Detroit as the kick sailed through.

Priceless reaction through the goalpost on Justin Tucker’s 66-yarder.

A Lions fan and a Ravens on either side of the aisle, experiencing their polar emotions

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) September 26, 2021

The longest field goal in college football history is 69 yards

And it was set in 1976! By Abilene Christian!

Justin Tucker’s incredible game-winning kick sets an NFL record, but remains just shy of the collegiate record set by Abilene Christian’s Ove Johansson in 1976 of 69 yards.

— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) September 26, 2021

The longest field goal attempt in league history is still held by Janikowski at 76 yards. He didn’t even come close.

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