The Nintendo Download: Coding With Nodons

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While this week only brings a relatively modest 26 games to the Switch eShop, it also brings Game Builder Garage, an app that can be used to make infinite games. Technically, this might be the biggest Nintendo Download yet. Oh wait nevermind, they counted Ninja Gaiden twice.

I’ve had some hands-on time with Game Builder Garage over the past week or so, and while my full impressions might need to wait for after E3, I will say it’s one of the friendliest little programming tools I’ve ever fiddled with, certainly something my children will embrace and immediately surpass me with. Oh damn, does that mean I am raising game developers? Not in this house, dammit.

The rest of this week’s new downloadable Switch games are real games, or at least I assume so. I recognize Wave Break, the world’s first “skateboating” game. Oh, and I love The Solitaire Conspiracy. Not sure how I feel about listing the deluxe edition of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection as a separate game, but I’ll let it slide.

Here’s this week’s full list.

  • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
  • Alchemist Adventure
  • ANIMUS: Revenant
  • Arcade Archives HACHA MECHA FIGHTER
  • Conglomerate 451: Overloaded
  • Game Builder Garage – Available June 11
  • Griftlands
  • Head Games
  • Hero Pop
  • Inexistence Rebirth – Available June 11
  • Kirakira stars idol project Ai
  • League Of Champions Soccer – Available June 11
  • Life of Fly 2
  • Lost Lands: Mistakes of the Past
  • Multilevel Parking Driver – Available June 11
  • NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection
  • NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection Deluxe Edition
  • Piczle Cells
  • Pix Jungle Adventures
  • Puzzle Box 3 in 1
  • Sable’s Grimoire
  • Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North
  • Sun Wukong VS Robot – Available June 11
  • Super Soccer Blast: America VS Europe – Available June 11
  • The Solitaire Conspiracy – Available June 11
  • Umurangi Generation Special Edition
  • Wave Break – Available June 11
  • Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

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