We’ve all been there: traveling back in time to stop the apocalypse only to return to our rightful place in time to find out we’ve been replaced. Classic! In all seriousness, after two seasons of superpowered, time-traveling shenanigans, this is where we’ve found the heroes of The Umbrella Academy. Based on the comic series of the same name by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, Netflix’s hit show dives into Season 3 with Five, Klaus, Viktor, Luther, Allison, and Diego in a real conundrum after Season 2 ended with one hell of a cliffhanger.

It’s no surprise that for whatever reason, The Umbrella Academy have now been replaced by some alternate version of themselves, now with six new members (the late Ben, no longer late, is part of both groups). But who are these people? The Season 2 finale only showed us the alternate version of Ben, with his team members/siblings behind him in silhouette.

We know that the moment has been reshot because as Season 3 opens, Ben’s hair is not quite the same as we left it (more modern and less like someone who would have been aggressively listening to Way’s band’s The Black Parade upon release in 2006). But that also means that Season 3 picks up right where Season 2 left off, and that means introducing us right away to these new foils to The Umbrella Academy.

As the story goes, after Reginald met the Umbrella Academy members in 1963 (sans Ben, because, you know, he was dead), he disliked them so much that when the time came, he decided to adopt an entirely new bunch of superheroic children. And that leads us here. Here’s what else you’ll need to know about the new alternate-timeline bunch, The Sparrow Academy.


#1 – Marcus (Justin Cornwell)

Like Luther, his #1 counterpart in The Umbrella Academy, Marcus also has a superhuman level of strength. Unlike Luther, Marcus happens to be confident, assertive, and beloved by the general public in his timeline, including a ton of adoring fans who cheer for him as he does his morning workout every single day.

Marcus is played by actor Justin Cornwell, who played one of the lead roles in the short-lived TV adaptation of Training Day, and had a role in the Chris Pine-starring limited series I Am The Night.


#2 – Ben (Justin H. Min)

In the original timeline, Ben is #6 in The Umbrella Academy, and died. In the timeline that occurred when The Umbrella Academy went back to 1963 and changed everything, Ben is actually #2 in The Sparrow Academy—and he’s a huge asshole. It’s never quite clear what’s up Sparrow Academy Ben’s ass, but he’s generally unpleasant to be around for everyone. As with his other timeline form, Ben’s power remains a portal in his chest that can summon some powerful tentacles to do his bidding.

Ben is played by actor Justin H. Min, who had a great role earlier this year in the A24 Sci-Fi film After Yang alongside Colin Farrell.


#3 Fei – (Britne Oldford)

Fei has easily the coolest character design of anyone in The Sparrow Academy—she looks like someone straight out of The Matrix. Her power is that she can summon a murder of crows to do her bidding, whether that’s attacking or eavesdropping on others. We don’t know what happened to her eyes, but a reasonable guess could be that those crows she’s so close to now weren’t always so friendly—especially when she was first learning to use her powers.

Fei is played by actress Britne Oldford, who recently appeared in the Ryan Reynolds movie Free Guy, and has in the past appeared in American Horror Story and the Aaron Paul Hulu series The Path.


#4 – Alphonso (Jake Epstein)

You may just want to call him “Melty-faced Mark Ruffalo,” but #4 for The Sparrow Academy is a guy named Alphonso with a big appetite and a perpetually blasé attitude. His power is a little confusing at first, but basically the situation is that any damage that his body takes, he can then inflict upon others. So if you punch him in the face, you’re going to feel the same thing he does. Explains the, um, melty face.

Alphonso is played by Jake Epstein, who is best known for playing Craig Manning in Degrassi: The Next Generation. He’s also had roles in Suits and Designated Survivor, among other projects.


#5 – Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez)

Sloane is the opposite of a cynical thinker. Despite the group she’s a part of being all about image and bottom line, she’s a more idealistic person than you’d realize. Sloane can control gravity, allowing for herself, others, and whatever she wants, really, to fly.

Sloane is played by Genesis Rodriguez, who started her career in Telenovelas and has since appeared in the Will Ferrell movie Casa De Mi Padre, the Jason Bateman/Melissa McCarthy movie Identity Thief, and voices Honey Lemon in the Big Hero 6 franchise.


#6 – Jayme (Cazzie David)

Jayme, on the other hand, is very cynical. She does not seem to be having a good time, broadly. She’s a good fighter, but her actual superpower is the ability to spit a black venom at people; if it touches their skin in any way, it makes them have very wild (and usually debilitating) hallucinations.

Jayme is played by Cazzie David, who is Larry David’s daughter. She has also written and starred in her own series, Eighty-Sixed, a few years ago, and just appeared in an episode of Amy Schumer’s show Life & Beth. She also wrote a book of memoirs, No One Asked For This, that came out in November 2020.


#7 – Christopher (CGI cube, not a human actor)

Christopher is just a cube. Not a person. But maybe Christopher, at one point, was a person? We’ll never know. Christopher makes some noises that somehow the Sparrow siblings can all understand. His powers include making people scared, making any room very cold, and absorbing a lot of energy all at once.

Christopher is not played by any live-action actor, because Christopher is a CGI cube.

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