The Tata Harper Products Actually Worth Your Money

Once upon a time, natural skin care products were restricted to health food store aisles and mom-and-pop shops. That is, until Tata Harper came along in 2010, and helped transform the category with her eponymous brand, which is now carried at luxury retailers like Sephora and Nordstrom. Not only did Harper’s products and their gorgeous green jars add some chicness to the market, but they also brought some much needed clarity to what the term “natural”  actually means. The products are made with no synthetic ingredients, artificial colors or fragrances, and many of the ingredients are grown on the brand’s Vermont farm, where the products are formulated, filled, and shipped (and those that aren’t native to Vermont are specially sourced from 68 countries around the world). Sustainability is also top of mind for the brand, which is why it’s certified by Ecocert, as well as the American Vegetarian association, and uses 100% recyclable containers. 

While all this is commendable, if you’re dropping over $50 per product, you want to be sure it’s actually going to do something, which is why we’re constantly asked if Tata Harper products are worth the money. The short answer? Yes. Not only do the products smell and feel amazing, efficacy is top of mind for the brand, and each product is made with the most ingredients possible—usually over 40—to get top of the line results. 

Need a little more convincing? We had Glamour editors put the line to the test, and share their honest reviews. Read on for the best Tata Harper products worth the splurge. 

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  • Tata Harper Creme Riche

    Courtesy of brand

    Tata Harper Creme Riche

     This is the perfect rich moisturizer for super dry skin in the winter. Rub a pea or dime size amount between your fingers first, and then press into your skin for long-lasting and super absorbent hydration. —Jessica Radloff, west coast editor 

  • Courtesy of brand

    Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser

    This is Fancy Adult Lady face wash—it earned an immediate place of honor at my face washing station (my sink), where it puts the other plastic bottles to shame. It has a sweet, botanical scent and has a melting feeling on skin. —Jenny Singer, staff writer 

  • Courtesy of brand

    Hydrating Floral Essence

    I am generally in the “face mists are a luxury not an essential” camp, but this may be the mist to change my mind. It can be used as a toner pre-serum, hydrate skin through the day, or, my favorite way, to refresh makeup after powder, and feels equally hydrating either way. Most mists actually make me feel dryer, but this one is so soothing and hydrating thanks to the hyaluronic acid. It smells like a fresh bouquet, and is the perfect pick-me-up for my skin and my mood. —Bella Cacciatore, beauty writer

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