Jim Hale was a very successful racer on the So Cal circuit. This is from 1974 at Indian Dunes, and he was mounted on a KTM 250. Jim always had the look, the style and panache both on the track and into his professional endeavors. Jim started AXO USA and Mechanix Wear and took them to huge success. Sadly, we lost Jim in 2018. Thank you Mark Kiel for a stellar photo!
That’s Nick Claire on the left, Daniel Leavitt on board and his dad Lane spotting him as he splats a wall on the Electric Motion machine.

We had a chance last week to hook up with Lane Leavitt and his son Daniel who have been spending time aboard the Electric Motion E Pure trials bike. Lane, famous for his trial expertise (3-time USA Trials Champion) and as a Hollywood stuntman-Stunt coordinator-Action designer and engineer) still rides trials in his Stunt Lab/trial park and the Electric Motion machine works perfectly- in his backyard! At 71 years old he’s passionate about the sport, loved the electric ‘quiet’ side of the machine and proved to be a wonderful host. It was a stellar day!

Lane Leavitt on the Electric Motion Pure machine: “This particular model is not the competition R model, it’s really made for fun in the backyard or easy adventure riding around the neighborhood or local woods. But with every session, I become more and more at home with this electric power, and this machine is amazing for this purpose in my opinion. If you have a local woods near your house, this is the perfect machine for those quick adventures, nothing else compares to it. It simply allows you to go riding, where you cannot with a gasoline engine.”
Lane, one year past his 70th birthday bouncing around on the Electric Motion machine.
Daniel Leavitt is a skilled trials rider and a full time Stuntman. Here he’s airing out the Pure EM steed.
Nick Claire works at Hi Torque, for both Dirt Wheels and Electric Bike Action. He’s a skilled rider and once he adjusted to the ‘unique’ tendencies of a trials bike without a standard clutch or transmission, the 3-power modes and in Nick’s words- big time power- he got comfortable.
The Erzberg Eight. Only guys to finish the event.

David Knight returned to Erzberg, an event he won back in 2005 and 2006. Knighter finished 19th overall!

middle content two stroke

Broc Glover came from an era where great technical skills mated to a ferocious racing appetite. Consider that David Bailey, a man blessed with near perfect racing ergonomics was his racing nemesis.

Also worth noting is that Broc has done a superb job on the Outdoor MX telecasts and has labeled Chase Sexton as the near perfect racing machine. Look at the photo below of Chase, he mirrors Broc’s stance, alignment and forward vision.


This is from the Idaho City 4-day Qualifier in 1989. My machine was a big bore KX285 and it worked quite a bit better than the pilot. I had broken my leg badly the year before and had two long bolts holding my tibia together up top on my left leg. It was tough to bend it, train properly and I struggled. Still, had a riot on the chase to make the team with LR, Randy Hawkins, Chace and Monsieur LaPorte! I rode chase for Danny at the Six Days in Germany that year.

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