The X-Men and Avengers Come Face to Face in Trial of Magneto #2 Preview (Exclusive)

The X-Men have one priority at the moment, and that’s to figure out what happened to Scarlet Witch. That’s for several reasons beyond just wanting to figure out what happened to their friend and ally, as the main suspect is none other than Magneto, who sits on the Quiet Council and just took part in terraforming a planet, so you know…he’s a big deal. Plus, Wanda wasn’t just beloved by the X-Men, and there are many others outside of Krakoa who want to know what happened to their friend and who is responsible. That includes the Avengers, and they are about to show up at the X-Men’s doorstep in our exclusive preview of X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2.

To get to the bottom of this mystery, the X-Men are pulling out all the stops, with both X-Factor and X-Force on the case tracking down the clues. Charles Xavier is also seeing to things personally, and as you can see in our exclusive preview on the next slide, his methods are a bit questionable. Xavier enlists the help of Hope to pry around Magneto’s mind for answers, but Hope does not see things the same way as Charles, and she’s not shy about letting him know it.

She points out that this is a form of torture, and Charles isn’t swaying her opinion, though the X-Men are all about to have an issue on their hands when the Avengers show up figure out what happened to Wanda, and you can check it all out on the preview starting on the next slide.

You can find the official description for X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2 below.

“HABEAS CORPSES! Heroes of the Marvel Universe came to Krakoa for a memorial. Now they’ve got a fight. Magneto pushes Krakoa and the Council to the brink! Also…there’s something wrong with the body…”

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2 hits comic stores on September 15th.

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Main Cover

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Being Watched

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The Meaning

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A Form of Torture

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Avenging Guests

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