These Bodybuilders Tried to Replicate Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Love and Thunder Workout

Chris Hemsworth has been rocking the physique worthy of a Norse god for going on a decade now, but the Australian actor started training harder than ever before ahead of filming Marvel Studios’ superhero sequel Thor: Love and Thunder—and has been proudly showing off his jacked arms on Instagram.

Inspired by Hemsworth’s recent bicep gains, Brandon and Hudson White, better known as the Buff Dudes of YouTube, put together a training routine that focuses on the delts and arms. And as they know a lot of people are still working out at home, they disregarded any exercises that require fancy equipment, drawing on some of the simpler workouts Hemsworth has shared on social media and sticking to moves that can be performed with just a pair of dumbbells.

“In order to become a superhero, you need to implement supersets,” says Hudson. “And that’s what we’re going to be doing, going from one exercise directly into the next with no rest in between.”

They start off with single-arm dumbbell raises, performed for 4 sets of 12 and supersetted with 4 sets of 12 dumbbell face pulls. “You’re going to feel it a lot in that front delt,” says Brandon. This is followed by 4 sets of 12 front-to-side raises, to work the anterior and lateral delts.

The next superset consists of shoulder extensions, performed for 4 sets of 12, and 4 isometric holds, each lasting 30 seconds. “That’s just no joke,” says Brandon.

For the third superset, perform 4 sets of 12 skullcrushers and 4 sets of 12 hammer curls. These highly Thor-appropriate moves are “excellent for developing the arms,” says Hudson. The skullcrushers target the long head of the triceps, while the hammer curls hit the biceps.

The fourth superset comprises a move of the brothers’ own invention, prone kickbacks (4 sets of 12), and drag curls (4 sets of 12). “Since you’re in the prone position supported by a bench, you don’t have to contract any other muscles other than the triceps for that elbow extension,” says Brandon. “For the drag curls, keep them really close to your body, like you’re dragging them up your body, kicking your elbows back and relaxing your forearm.”

Their Asgardian arm day finisher is the bi-shoulder-tri, which incorporates three moves in one: a bicep curl, into a dumbbell press, into a tricep extension. “They should be pretty fluid,” says Hudson. “You’re curling the weight up to the shoulders, pressing the weight up to the fully extended position, then flexing in your elbows and extending your elbows and your triceps down.”

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