Theta Network has had an impressive run over the last two weeks – Where can you buy it?

Theta Network has seen its price rise by over 30% in the last two weeks.

As we continue to see stagnation from the broader crypto market there is one project that has bucked the recent trend.

Theta Network has managed to recover some of the gains lost in the widespread crypto market crash of late with a 30% rise over the last couple of weeks.

The platform’s fundamentals are also strong. Streaming services saw a huge rise in popularity over the course of the pandemic with Netflix seeing an increase of 23% in its revenue in 2020 compared to 2019.

Theta Network could therefore become more important in time as more consumers look for more ways to consume digital media.

Where to buy Theta Network while it dips

Over the past 24 hours, Theta Network’s price has seen a dip of 5.5%, creating an opportunity for interested traders to buy at slightly lower prices than have been seen of late.

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What makes Theta Network a good buy right now?

As well as its recent price hike, Theta Network also holds good fundamental strength, as outlined above in regards to the popularity of streaming services.

With widespread adoption, Theta could facilitate a number of streaming services, such as for ESports, music, television, educational resources, peer-to-peer streaming and more.

The network would also offer a way for advertisers to more carefully target ads at specific users, which could take a significant chunk out of traditional advertising for television, where it generates most of its revenue.

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