This TV station aired ACTUAL shark highlights instead of the San Jose Sharks

An ordinary San Jose Sharks update was anything but normal after a mistake caused the wrong sharks highlights to air — actual sharks.

when the editors at your news station accidentally send video of *actual sharks* to your sports story about the @SanJoseSharks ‍♀️ sharing this lil blooper from last week just because we could all use a laugh today

— Lina Washington (@LWashingtonTV) March 12, 2021

“The Sharks, playing their seventh straight game at home, they’ve been … and this is not the sharks we’re talking about, but the Sharks did lose tonight, 4-0 the final.”

I am in awe of the composure here, because this is some Anchorman-ass suff right here. I would have cracked up as soon as the actual sharks aired, and the idea of keeping it all together and continuing through the gaff is beyond my comprehension. Credit where it’s due, those sharks look pretty cool. That one in the middle jumped out of the water and did a little trick and everything.

Actual shark highlights might be preferable to the San Jose Sharks though, who are struggling in 8th place in the west. Meanwhile actual sharks remain the apex predators of the ocean, and a top the food chain for the 400 millionth year in a row. Hell of a streak.

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