On October 3, three Boomi Innovation Awards were presented to Moderna, Bunn-O-Matic, and Jacques Gentile for excellence in Boomi data integration. These three are partners of global data integration and Boomi hosting provider Kitepipe.

Kitepipe, a Boomi Platinum Partner and leader in Boomi integration support, is celebrating three partners who were recognized at the Boomi Innovation Awards. Boomi presents these awards to companies that demonstrate a commitment to transforming their organizations by using Boomi solutions to integrate, automate, and innovate.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following partners:

Moderna, a leader in drug development and vaccines, has been honored with the Platinum Award for Modernization. This award showcases their use of Boomi’s technology in advancing their operations and paving the way for medical innovation. According to Boomi’s press release about the event, “This customer’s project is an exemplary model of preparing IT infrastructure for a modern model, with steps including simplifying and automating, modernizing applications, and preparing to operate at scale.”

Kitepipe has provided comprehensive integration support for Moderna over the years. Read Kitepipe’s case study featuring the process and outcomes of this partnership.

Bunn-O-Matic, renowned for their beverage equipment, won the Boomi Innovators Award, highlighting their inventive approaches and strategic use of Boomi to streamline processes and enhance productivity. Kitepipe has provided day-to-day support of Bunn’s fully-managed Boomi runtime environment, allowing the company more time to focus on other initiatives.

Jacques Gentile, a Kitepipe developer, won the Boomi Ambassador Award, acknowledging his efforts and leadership in championing Boomi solutions within and beyond the community.

“Recognizing our partners’ achievements is always a moment of pride for us at Kitepipe. Just as we continue to provide exceptional service to our customers, we applaud their commitment to achieving excellence in their fields using Boomi,” said Larry Cone, Founder and CEO of Kitepipe.

Kitepipe has been a trusted partner in the Boomi ecosystem for eight years, most notably as one of just 15 Platinum Partners in the world. To learn more, visit Kitepipe.com.

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Kitepipe knows Boomi better.™ Kitepipe’s All-Boomi team empowers Boomi users to build, maintain and improve their Boomi integrations, from AWS to NetSuite, Salesforce to SAP, and beyond. Our experts have completed over 500+ successful integration projects, have over 100 Boomi certifications, and have even authored training courses for Boomi.com.

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