‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic
Resentenced to 21 Years In Prison

1/28/2022 11:33 AM PT

11:33 AM PT — Joe’s attorney, J. Blake Patton, tells TMZ, “I think it’s fair to say that there was some disappointment in our discussion with Joe, this show is not over … Joe is hopeful that he will find justice in post-conviction relief … Joe is looking forward to next steps.”

Joe Exotic, will get out of prison earlier than expected — but not as early as he had hoped — the court just knocked one year off of his 22-year sentence.

A judge this past summer ruled the sentence for the murder-for-hire conviction was erroneous, because the trial court miscalculated the 2 charges on which Joe was convicted.

There was a chance the 22-year sentence would be reduced to 17 years, but that didn’t happen. Rather, a federal appeals court just shaved a year off the 22-year sentence … clearly not what Joe was hoping for.


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Joe’s serving time for allegedly trying to hire two men to kill his nemesis Carole Baskin, as well as crimes against animals. Baskin and her husband attended the hearing Friday as well.

Back in November, TMZ broke the news that Joe had been transferred from his prison in Texas to a facility in North Carolina … as he battled aggressive cancer and needed more medical attention. He originally requested to be let out of prison for treatment, but we don’t yet know the decision on that.

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Joe’s team has yet to respond to the news.

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