The Sandbox today announced a partnership with TIMEPieces, the NFT community initiative from TIME, to build a ‘TIME Square’ in the metaverse. Notably, this is TIME’s first-ever destination in the virtual world. Taking inspiration from the iconic neighborhood in New York City, TIME Square will be a space for convening, art, and commerce. Let’s take a closer look at the TIME x The Sandbox partnership.

TIME x The Sandbox TIME Square metaverse
TIME x The Sandbox will build a TIME square in the metaverse. Credit: The Sandbox

About TIME x The Sandbox Partnership

TIME President Keith A Grossman announced the partnership during The Sandbox event at this week’s NFT.NYC conference. What’s more, he issued an open call for architects to design the upcoming TIME Square in the metaverse. The team is looking for a visionary architect who can recreate the iconic destination in a voxel avatar. 

“Our goal is to create a destination that will be the heart of the metaverse,” Grossman said. “We are thrilled to now tap into that [TIMEPieces] community as we seek to find the architect to design TIME Square in the metaverse.

He added that the destination will provide an immersive experience. Further, it will create a “natural bridge” between the TIMEPieces’ virtual community and TIME’s global relationships. It will also bring together the unique IPs from TIME Studios, TIME for Kids, and their IRL events.

What is TIME Square?

The Sandbox and TIME’s TIME Square will serve as an inclusive destination offering unique experiences to TIMEPieces holders. This includes access to discussions, events, screenings of TIME Studios projects, and educational experiences. 

In essence, the destination will bring alive the spirit and energy of the iconic Times Square in New York City. If you want to apply as an architect to create this virtual space, keep an eye out on the TIMEPieces website.

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