Ever since Kyle Busch said he’s talking to other teams, there have been fan conspiracy theories regarding his car. Apparently, Joe Gibbs Racing and Toyota gave the two-time world champion an experimental car to see how things will be for him.

Now, there is no way to confirm whether or not this is true. But the NASCAR community has some strong words about the whole theory.

May 28, 2022; Concord, North Carolina, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch (18) walks with his car during Nascar Cup qualifying at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent episode of Door, Bumper, Clear! the Spotter, Brett Griffin, well-known for his unapologetic opinions on things spoke. And he thinks the whole theory is far from reality, just in much stronger words.


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Griffin said, “If you honestly believe that [Toyota and Joe Gibbs sabotaged him], you’re an idiot. You’re not ‘what an idiot, you are a complete idiot. You couldn’t be more wrong in what you think happens around here”

Justin Haley, another guest added on the show, said the only reason they would do that is if “Toyota doesn’t wanna win a champion.” Hilariously enough, he also joked that people who believe JGR sabotaged Busch are eligible to be inducted into the “Idiot Hall of Fame”.

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Sure, there is no way of confirming the authenticity of this. But what do the fans and Busch say about this?

NASCAR fans still believe Kyle Busch was sabotaged by the team

Busch talked about the issues with his car in an interview, which he described as a “Toyota issue”.


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And that is where the conspiracies started emerging even more, as fans were certain there is something we don’t know about.

One fan said – “That interview was so good and should be looked at and admired by all. The subtle Toyota dig was a mic drop moment. Even more subtle was the comment it’s not fair to his crew, sponsors, and fans. In other words, they all know what’s happening too. Everyone is focused on Toyota obviously screwing Kyle, but it’s not just him they’re hurting. It’s everyone associated with him.”


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This guy seemed pretty content with the results – “Jgr is using KB cars as test mules for the remainder of the season, probably will DNF several more times yet this year.”

One fan was sorely disappointed – “Sounds like Toyota got some payback for Kyle leaving their camp. Just a bit odd that it happened to just his Toyota. Others had some issues but not catastrophic like kyles. He was blowing water and oil out the exhaust pipe.”

This fan was still in disbelief – “If it is true what others are saying, that there just using Kyle as a test mule, and say he misses the chance at the championship, Kyle should just push in the clutch and blow every motor within the first lap. That’d stop that shit.”

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