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With the overload of “expert information” available for the proper warm-up technique for my 2020 KTM 300XC TPI, I wanted to go directly to the source of true knowledge to ensure I am doing it correctly. Currently, if the temperature is below 50 degrees, I pull the cold-start knob and allow it to idle (three to five minutes) until the temperature reaches 100, then ride. The muffler stays clean, and the bike runs well. I started doing the same procedure when it is over 50 degrees, and I get the same positive result.

Some say use the cold-start for 30 seconds or so, and then ride slowly until the engine is warm. Maybe it’s me, but the bike seems to run cleaner after waiting for the temperature to rise prior to riding. The last thing I want to do is possibly damage the engine by incorrectly warming it up. What say you, wise sage?
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John, you come off as quite detail-driven and marinated in sycophancy. Yet, I like the query. If your current procedure is working for you, revert to the old expression, “Don’t chew on a bone with no meat,” meaning stick with your program. It’s sound. I, too, have a 300 TPI machine and have never used the cold-start button, which is no more than a fast idle button. It adds air to the idle circuit, and that creates leaner fueling that makes it idle faster.

My method: I put on my riding gear, get on the bike, start it, and take off riding after about 10–15 seconds of warm-up. I run it in the lower rpm until it comes up to normal operating temps. Then, it is ready to rip!


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