June 22, 2022

After producing more than 160 episodes of Exponential View over the last six years, we’re taking a break to reflect on what we’ve learned and how the conversations we’ve hosted with leaders are changing our perspective on the future.

While we percolate on the future of our podcast, we have a challenge for you: find all the phenomenal conversations we’ve hosted that you haven’t heard yet – and take a listen. (And please let us know which episodes helped you understand the world and your future!)


Azeem’s listening recommendations:

  • Bubbles, Golden Ages, and Tech Revolutions with Professor Carlota Perez (Exponential View Podcast, 2019)
  • AI and the Future of Warfare with General Sir Richard Barrons (Exponential View Podcast, 2019)
  • DeepMind’s Journey from Games to Fundamental Science with Demis Hassabis (Exponential View Podcast, 2020)
  • The New Science of Aging with Professor David Sinclair (Exponential View Podcast, 2020)

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