Video: ‘Kung Fu master’ calls out K-1 champion, gets destroyed

When will traditional martial artists learn that calling out pro combat sport athletes is not a good idea?

Check out below as we have another so-called master, in Kung Fu this time, being absolutely dismantled by a pro. The pro in this case is K-1 kickboxer Rukiya Anpo.

The gym-shot footage shows Anpo turn the traditionalist into a human punching bag, lighting him up with at least a dozen punches to the head. The entire session can be seen below, from Anpo’s YouTube channel.

The full video shows our friend in the gi start off better, and actually defend some attacks. However, after he gets hit a few times Anpo absolutely brutalizes him. In the full video we see this chap eat even more punches to the head. But he makes it to the buzzer and even has a smile for the guy who just beat the breaks off him.

Anpo, nicknamed ‘Demolition Man’, has a 31-8 record. He’s a former K-1 World Grand Prix winner and a one time winner of K-1’s KO of the year. That winning switch kick KO, over Hiroshi Mizumachi, can be viewed below:

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