Vudu’s Streaming Service Arrives on Amazon Fire TV with 4K HDR Support
A Fire TV running VUDU.

When Amazon launched its Fire TV platform in 2014, people on the Vudu forums (yeah, that’s a thing) wondered if Amazon would ever allow Vudu on its streaming devices. Nearly seven years later, Vudu has finally made its way to FireTV, with 4K HDR content and Movies Anywhere support.

NBCUniversal’s Fandango, the movie ticket site, bought Vudu from Walmart in April 2020. Since then, the platform has experienced “double-digit” growth. While the pandemic is largely responsible for this growth, Vudu has an opportunity to lock new customers in with its catalog of 4K HDR content and rotating selection of free, ad-supported movies. Expanding its reach to Fire TV could help Vudu maintain growth in the coming year, and save customers the effort of hacking their Fire TV stick for Vudu.

The news also gives Fire TV users a good reason to stick with Amazon’s platform. Amazon has made a point of adding new content to Fire TV in the last few months, even if that content causes people to drift away from its Prime Video service. The platform recently gained Paramount+ support, plus dozens of free live channels through Xumo, IMDb TV, and Plex.

Along with its arrival on Fire TV, Vudu recently gained support on TiVo, Comcast Infinity Flex, and Xfinity X1 platforms. The streaming service also supports Chromecast, Android TV, Roku, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S systems.

Source: Fandango/Vudu via Variety

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