Constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz talked about why he was representing Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of My Pillow, in a lawsuit against the FBI on his Wednesday episode of “The Dershow.”

Dershowitz said he disagreed with Lindell’s political leanings and called himself a “Biden Democrat” but said, “It’s crucially important, particularly for Democrats like me and liberals like me, to hold the Justice Department accountable.”

“The thing that’s most important is when members of your own party, your own identity, your own group holds you accountable,” Dershowitz said. He went on to say it was even more important when that group is acting as “oppressors and violating the Constitution” as he believes the FBI had been.

Lindell revealed on Sept. 13 that his phone had been seized by the FBI. FBI officers trapped his vehicle in a fast food drive-thru and told him that they had a warrant for his cell phone, and would be confiscating it, to which Lindell replied that he needed it to run his companies and as a hearing aid. He announced his lawsuit days later during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room.

“I’m not a Trump supporter,” Dershowitz said, “but I went after the Justice Department when it searched Mar-a-Lago and seized everything including lawyer-client privilege material.”

“I put my principles before my partisanship,” the lawyer said of the Mar-a-Lago raid when dozens of FBI agents descended upon former President Donald Trump’s Florida property and took several boxes of documents and two passports from his residence.

“I was not on the Democrat side on that one and I’m a Democrat, and that’s what’s so important. and I have the same thing now with Mike Lindell,” he added

Dershowitz went on to claim his disagreements with Lindell mostly center on the My Pillow CEO’s assertion that the 2020 presidential election was unfair to Donald Trump. 

“The FBI tracked him to a fast food restaurant after he and a friend had gone hunting,” the constitutional lawyer said. “Did they have a warrant to track him? Do they have a GPS in his car? Are they tracking him from the sky?”

Dershowitz said his interests were especially piqued around the potential violations of civil liberties and said, “Do we as American citizens want the government to be able to track us without a warrant?”

Dershowitz recounted a timeline in which Lindell was eventually shown a warrant but was then denied the ability to call his lawyer.

“They said ‘no, you can’t call your lawyer,’ another violation of the Constitution. Every American citizen is entitled to call their lawyer, particularly if they’re not under arrest,” Dershowitz added.

Dershowitz also said they are seeking a special master to serve as an objective referee regarding the materials the FBI captured from Lindell.

“I’m proud to be representing a man I disagree with, because I agree with the Fourth Amendment,” he added.

The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.

The lawyer concluded by saying he would likely pay a price for his defense of the conservative businessman, but asked that people leave his family out of it.

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