Watch Macklemore Get Grilled by His 6-Year-Old Daughter, Who Prefers Taylor Swift and Adele

Taylor Swift Changes Album Release Date & Internet Freaks!

Sorry, Macklemore, but in this house we stan Taylor Swift

The 38-year-old rapper got a harsh reality check when he asked his 6-year-old daughter, Sloane, for her thoughts on his upcoming music. Let’s just say it didn’t go according to plan. 

In an adorable video shared to his Instagram, Macklemore revealed Sloane’s hilarious review of his new song “Next Year”—and she was not impressed. “I use [sic] to think I was my own worst critic…Then I had kids,” teased the singer, whose real name is Benjamin Hammond Haggerty.

Sloane can be seen wearing white headphones as she delivers her hot takes: “Not your best but I still love ya.” 

She goes on to ask, “Do you know Camila Cabello?” and “Did you ask Taylor Swift to get on this song?” 

Sloane, who is the oldest of three, takes a sip from a mug and continues with the interrogation. “Adele wasn’t feeling this?” she asks. “Adele and Taylor Swift would be great.” 

Just let her judge the Grammys already! 

She also questions whether “Next Year” is really dad’s best rapping and asks him, “Did Ryan produce this? He’s extra,” referring to Macklemore’s collaborator Ryan Lewis. (Fact check: He did indeed produce the track. She has good ears.) 

Sloane ends her review with one single crumb of positivity, telling him with a straight face, “I think it’s really good.”

Macklemore and wife Tricia Davis are also parents to Colette, 3, and Hugo, nearly 3 months.

He’s not the only celeb whose kids don’t understand their talents. Funnily enough, Adele recently revealed that her 9-year-old son would also rather listen to Taylor Swift than his own mum.

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She told Vogue that she took Angelo to see Taylor in concert in 2018. “His jaw dropped,” she recalled. “I got really annoyed! I was like, ‘Excuse me! This is what I do, you know.’ He said, ‘When we go on tour, should I have a seat next to me with Taylor Swift’s name on it for Taylor to come?'”

We know Miss Swift loves surprising her young fans, going so far as to personally invite Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa‘s son Sebastian to see her reputation tour in 2018.

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