‘We are DONE letting govt. use COVID to play politics with our lives’: Gina Carano calls down the THUNDER on Biden’s ‘July 4th teaser’

Gina Carano is our newest spirit animal.

Forget that she’s a total bada*s in general and absolutely gorgeous, but this tweet calling Biden out for pretending how benevolent he is telling Americans if they behave they MIGHT get to be with their friends and family on July 4.

What an absolute a-hole.

We love her tweet.

We are done letting governments use this pandemic to play politics with our lives. Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.

??? https://t.co/NRHNBH0XyA

— Gina Carano ? (@ginacarano) March 12, 2021

Our hearts ARE free.

We so ‘heart’ Gina.


Cue the pushback from people who think government ‘grants’ our freedoms:

So you DONT want to be able to be free to walk about by July 4th? Which is it?

— ? Wiffy Mountbatten (@wyntermitchell) March 12, 2021


Alrighty then.

Gina fired back:

“ to be able to be free” implies that we are not currently free. Thank you for proving the irony of these freedoms POSSIBLY being returned to us by July 4th #IndependenceDay only if we comply with this governmental overreach. https://t.co/zV6VHsmFBn

— Gina Carano ? (@ginacarano) March 12, 2021

If we comply.

If we behave.

Yeah, this is America. Not how any of this works.

“don’t be afraid of your freedom “

— Desk Twig (@skwidget1) March 12, 2021


Some of us want to be safe and dont want to be sick or ill. We still have the FREEDOM to do that. If you dont want to protect others then live off the grid and do what you want.

— ? Wiffy Mountbatten (@wyntermitchell) March 12, 2021

Then be safe.

Stay home.

The rest of us want to live our lives.

Virtue signaling that the people who want to protect our constitutional rights do not care about the health & safety of others is flat out wrong & hurtful.

Respectfully maybe you should live off the grid & let others make their own health decisions as you are free to make yours.

— Gina Carano ? (@ginacarano) March 12, 2021

What she said.

I wish you nothing but love, health and happiness. ? it’s ok that we do not see eye to eye.. I hope we all learn and grow to be better for each other in every way possible. God bless.

— Gina Carano ? (@ginacarano) March 12, 2021

Seriously, she rocks.



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