What if there were no ad blockers?

Sometimes I browse the web without an ad blocker. It’s typically a horrible experience. I don’t understand how people stand it.

I don’t watch TV any more, and a big part of this is that I can’t stand the ads. But TV ads are predictable and can be avoided by changing the channel or going out to the kitchen to grab a beer. Web ads are much more in your face.

I wonder what my life would be if there were no ad blockers. I admit that I spend a good amount of time procrastination at different sites. But if I had been forced to watch their ads, I’m not sure I would any more.

Perhaps, in a world without ad blockers, I would be a more productive person due to the lack of distractions. And being productive is a great feeling. Perhaps a world without ad blockers would not be that bad after all…

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