What’s Stanley Tucci Doing for Thanksgiving?

Who but Stanley Tucci could charm us on social media with his Negroni-making skills, eat his way through Italy for a documentary series, and publish a food-heavy memoir all during a global pandemic? We almost forgot that he’s also a Hollywood star. But what we really want to know: What’s Tucci doing for Thanksgiving?

1. First, a Martini

“Too many people say too many things, and I wish they’d stop,” writes Tucci about the iconic cocktail’s origins. “The only thing that matters is that the martini exists.” Tucci has been drinking his the same way for ages: gin or vodka (each has its time and place) with just a whiff of vermouth, and stirred not shaken—sorry, 007. It’s “the quintessence of elegance that we all aspire to and believe we acquire when we drink one,” he writes.

Do it like Tucci:

Image may contain Lamp Drink Cocktail Alcohol Beverage and Martini

Stanley Tucci’s Martini

Gin or vodka? Tucci’s recipe allows for either, depending on your mood. Just make sure it’s stirred, never shaken.

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Photograph by Emma Fishman

2. Don’t Skimp on Apps

Tucci’s mother was all about the antipasti, even if there’s a big meal ahead. “There’d be cured meats like prosciutto and salami, cheeses, olives, roasted peppers; there might be raw seafood, almost like a ceviche,” Tucci recalls.

Photograph by Emma Fishman

3. Stay Classic

What’s on Tucci’s table? Turkey, of course, and stuffing with water chestnuts and hunks of bread. The cranberry sauce is homemade and the sweet potatoes are baked with butter, honey, brown sugar, and maple syrup (no, three sweeteners is not overkill). For greenery Tucci does brussels sprouts with pancetta, obviously. Leftovers? An open-face turkey and gravy sandwich—cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes on the side.

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