Where 9 superstars from the 2016 Rio Olympics are now

If it feels like an eternity ago as to when the 2016 Summer Olympics were, it makes sense — it was actually five years ago that the Games made their way down to Brazil (and it feels like 2020 was actually 10 years crammed into one).

So let’s travel back allllll the way to 2016 and revisit the Rio Olympics, in which a bunch of stars won medals and entered themselves into the record books.

We’ll take a look at where they were then and where they’ve ended up now (spoiler alert: you’ll see a handful of these names and faces in the upcoming Olympics!).

Then: The incredible gymnast made her Olympic debut and won four golds and a bronze.

Now: She’s back for Tokyo!

Then: After winning two golds and a bronze in London, she returned to win with one gold in the team competition, plus two individual silvers.

Now: She wrote a book called Fierce, she became an advocate for sexual abuse survivors and fought against USA Gymnastics after the Larry Nassar sexual assault scandal.

Then: He won his 12th Olympic medal in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay, but his time in Rio will be remembered more for this. From USA TODAY Sports:

Four swimmers were involved in the incident after a night of partying following the end of the Olympic swimming competition. Lochte’s mother, Ileana Lochte, told USA TODAY Sports the following morning that her son had been robbed. Fox Australia first reported the incident, which turned into a week-long news cycle that saw Lochte revise his account of what happened and acknowledge he exaggerated some details. But he stood by his story that he and his teammates were detained at gunpoint and forced to pay money so they could leave.

The details Lochte initially embellished — about a gun being cocked against his forehead, for example — drew the attention of Rio authorities, who met with the swimmers to take statements and begin their own investigation, which quickly morphed into Rio authorities alleging at a news conference that the swimmers had filed a false police report. Authorities later said that only Lochte and Jimmy Feigen had made false statements to police, and the other two, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, were regarded as witnesses.

Lochte and the other swimmers were able to leave but he was suspended for 10 months by the IOC, the USOC and USA Swimming.

Now: He tried to qualify for Tokyo but fell short.

Then: He won five golds and a silver in his final Olympics, making him the most decorated Olympian ever.

Now: He’s a mental health advocate, and he’ll join NBC’s Olympics swimming coverage.

Then: He booted the gold medal-winning penalty for Brazil.

Now: He still plays, starring for Paris Saint-Germain, but he won’t be on the Brazil roster this year in Tokyo. Why? From NBC Sports:

Though Neymar indicated before the Olympic postponement that he was willing to play at the Tokyo Games, it was doubtful that he would be included on the team.

That’s because his club, Paris Saint-Germain, would have needed to sign off on it. And that Neymar is already playing for Brazil’s senior national team in Copa America, which runs through July 10.

Then: He was the breakout star of the opening ceremonies as the flagbearer for Team Tonga.

Now: He’s back!!

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