White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain says Biden administration is tackling the supply chain mess ‘we have inherited’

While logged onto Twitter Wednesday looking for Jennifer Rubin tweets to retweet, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain came across a piece in the New York Times about the supply chain crisis. “Biden, battling supply chain woes, to announce port will operate 24/7.” Wow — on the same day he announced that truckers could drive at night when the roads aren’t as crowded.

Like many other problems we have inherited, we are tackling the supply chain mess. https://t.co/VB49q59B5l

— Ronald Klain (@WHCOS) October 13, 2021

“Like many other problems we inherited.”

“Inherited” https://t.co/St6xb2K5MH

— The Maverick of Wall Street (@TheMaverickWS) October 13, 2021

*inherited 🤡👇 https://t.co/dlrnh9H2LL

— jhnyp (@jhnyp1) October 13, 2021

New word definition for 2021: inherited=we created it, but don’t tell anybody https://t.co/WDtg5SPkXA

— Marilyn (@Jaizem) October 13, 2021

The always popular “it’s my predecessor’s fault” excuse. https://t.co/AXPL9ZquFX

— M_P (@Reroot_Flyover) October 13, 2021

“IT’s aLL TruMp’S fauLT.” https://t.co/LTZNJKLGeA

— El Trump Rex (@rex_trump) October 13, 2021

So how long did it take for these asses to blame it on Trump? https://t.co/oy3gMytknD

— Carl Seacat (@SeacatGardens) October 13, 2021

No accountability. https://t.co/Pe4pFEDhTT

— Orlando Maltravers (@RobertKYarbro) October 13, 2021

We had ZEROOOOOO supply chain issues you imbecile https://t.co/f6UtZjW3QB

— NM (@TEOTWAWKIAIFF) October 13, 2021

Time it takes for container ship to cross Pacific Ocean: 15-30 days

Time it takes to unload container ship: 1-3 days

Days since Biden in office: 266 https://t.co/odJIxxtIUX

— Hans Mahncke (@HansMahncke) October 13, 2021

Funny, you seemed to be ignoring it until just this week. https://t.co/x0EHGYvrFZ

— JeffHanson (@IronLeagueThug) October 13, 2021

No hurry 🤡🤡🤡

— Rocco Tomaso (@t_santarelli) October 13, 2021

I’m in supply chain, 25 years and counting. Don’t tell us you are swooping in to fix this. Perhaps if you’d noticed months ago when the rest of us did, you might come off as more competent.

— 2phone (@darringray) October 13, 2021

Perhaps. But it’s hard to claim that you “inherited“ it after you’ve had 9 months in office. Did you recognize it in February and start doing something about it back then?

— mistergizmo (@mistergizmo) October 13, 2021

A lot of “inherited” problems are being identified nearly a year after biden moved into the white house.
Many more will come in 2024. https://t.co/RIMay4pQxD

— Daoshan Sun (@DaoshanS) October 13, 2021

Sure Ron, every single problem is one you inherited. Give me a break.

— William Brody (@WBvvV) October 13, 2021

You did this.

— Frtl Englbrt (@fartelengelbert) October 13, 2021

We never dreamed it would be your fault, Ron.

— Matt Werth (@matthewwerth) October 13, 2021

“Inherited”. For crying out loud, you will accept no responsibility for anything.

— Clarence Scalia (@ScaliaClarence) October 13, 2021


— F (@dleonard724) October 13, 2021


— Al Hamilton (@Patch_) October 13, 2021

This dipshit couldn’t find his ass with both hands. https://t.co/rxJ81R0XGc pic.twitter.com/RwD65QEb1s

— Dirk Diggler (@TDProductions2) October 13, 2021


Biden points out roads are less congested at night and adjusts accordingly so the supply chain will move faster now https://t.co/XAoFwN4lSW

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) October 13, 2021

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