The desire for more vibrancy in our lives amid the doom and gloom—and the continuous shift in the culture towards more individual self-expression—has made it an exciting time for fantasy hair color. And there’s no doubt that Moon, both on Instagram and with his latest red carpet work, continues to be at the forefront of emerging trends. Take his collaborations with Kristen Stewart, who he most recently made a ’70s-inspired rose gold blonde (a cross between David Bowie and Paris, Texas’s Nastassja Kinski) for her Spencer press tour, or longtime client Kid Cudi, whose genderless attitude towards beauty has been breaking boundaries left and right. “He’s conceptual, he’s always evolving, and it’s super exciting to work with him because from how he’s dressing to what colors he’s thinking about, it’s like, ‘What’s he going to do next?’,” Moon says. It’s no coincidence that more men are treading into chromatic hair territory either. “Over the past year and a half, maybe two years, men have really stepped up [their hair color], like let’s get bright, let’s get louder,” explains Moon. “Things are becoming more gender-fluid and softening up a bit to where people are more open to expressing themselves.” For more proof, look no further than Gen Z, the most vibrant-haired generation of all. “My nephew was seven when I started coloring his hair and he’s still coloring his hair now,” says Moon. “Now people are going to grow up like that. It’s the future, we are the future.”

Moon’s salon, as well his range of products—from his Major Moonshine multiuse glitter gel to his range of vivid Major Aprons—are part of his mission of encouraging self-expression. “We all have our idea of what color is and has been in the past, and how it makes people feel,” says Moon. “But now people are starting to understand that it’s truly a positive force and can open them up to a new version of themselves; one that they were always supposed to be.” 

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