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#Roommates, they often say that real life is stranger than fiction and that’s definitely the case with this story coming out of Japan involving a woman, her sperm donor, and a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. According to reports, a Japanese woman decided to give up her baby and sue her sperm donor for $2.8 million after she alleged he lied about his ethnicity, educational background, and relationship status.

@Newsweek reports, a 30-year-old woman from Tokyo, Japan made a shocking decision about her child due to allegations she made about her sperm donor. In a lawsuit that is the first for Japan, the woman is suing her sperm donor for $2.8 million because she says he lied to her about his marital status, ethnicity, and educational background—which caused her to give the baby up upon allegedly discovering the information. Apparently, the unidentified woman and her husband wanted a second child and opted to use a sperm donor after discovering the husband had a hereditary condition. The woman then found a donor in his 20s through social media, who boasted about graduating from one of the top universities in Japan, claiming he was Japanese and that he was single.

However, there’s even more to the story. The woman and the unnamed donor reportedly had sexual intercourse 10 times so that she could conceive—and in June 2019 she was successful. That’s when she found out the donor’s true ethnicity was actually Chinese, he was married and did not graduate from Kyoto University as he initially claimed. Unfortunately, by the time she found this out, it was too late for her to get an abortion, but after she gave birth she decided to give the baby up, where it now remains in a Tokyo child care facility. Now, the woman is formally suing the donor for $2.8 million for emotional distress.

She further alleges that the donor knowingly gave her inaccurate information just so that he could have sex with her while having no intention of being truthful as a sperm donor.

Additionally, because of Japan’s “right to know” laws, children of donors are legally able to identify the donor. This has resulted in many donors seeking other methods of donation in an effort to remain completely anonymous—but has also made it more difficult for individuals or couples to find potential donors.

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