Zoom adds games to video meeting service

Addition of third-party apps framed as “a critical component in Zoom’s transition from an app to a platform”

Zoom today rolled out its App Marketplace, offering more than 50 third-party programs that work within the online video meeting service, including a number of games.

“Zoom Apps are a critical component in Zoom’s transition from an app to a platform by enabling seamless integration of third-party apps within Zoom,” analyst Zeus Kerravala in a Zoom blog post announcing the move.

“Zoom Apps provide users with access to their favorite entertainment, productivity, wellness, and lifestyle apps while maintaining the Zoom meeting experience — empowering them to accomplish more with video communications.”

As of this writing, Zoom’s marketplace contains 56 apps, nine of which are games. Those titles include social party games like Playco’s Heads Up (based on a charades game featured on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show), Quicksave Interactive’s Werewolf With Friends, and Doppio Games’ Just Say the Word, as well as card games like FlowPlay’s LGN Poker.

Access to Zoom apps is not yet generally available for developers, but the company is taking sign ups to be notified when that happens.

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