‘Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’s Biggest Update Features New World Boss and Major QOL Enhancements

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’s major update this year finally arrives, and with tons of cool new features at that. The popular mobile strategy game from Joycity will not only offer exciting new challenges for hardcore players looking for endgame content, but it will also provide plenty of convenience features to make things more seamless and easier for anyone to get into the game.

Headlining the massive update is the new world boss Valkyrie – a war-machine harbinger of doom that won’t go down easily. Players must band together and come up with strategies to defeat Valkyrie in battle, and when they do, those who deal the most damage will go down in history with their stats ranked in-game for the ultimate bragging rights.

Speaking of joining forces, player Alliances have now been made more diplomatic, as players who share the same goal can now enter a codified in-game relationship. With Alliances come lots of advantages, such as color-coded territory lines and faster travel with shared sailing routes.

Apart from PvE enhancements, the major update will provide quality-of-life improvements like an easier-to-use Reforge system, free reforging on certain items, and a better Limit Break display where players can see actual stats gained after a successful Limit Break. The ship inventory window now makes it easier for players to find their faves as well, as customized names are now organized at the top while the default names are displayed at the bottom.

It’s also worth noting that the Battle Pass is now in its 8th season, and Joycity aims to provide more value by offering Legendary equipment as opposed to traditional Base Skins. You can check out the official website for more info or download Gunship Battle: Total Warfare on iOS or Android to see for yourself.

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