Chick-fil-A restaurant. (Syndication: Courier-Post)

Chick-fil-A restaurant. (Syndication: Courier-Post)

Looking for Chick-fil-A Black Friday hours and whether or not a chicken sandwich is in the cards today? We’ve got you covered. 

What better way to chase that Thanksgiving meal you ate than with a chicken sandwich. Whenever a debate about chickens sandwiches comes up, Chick-Fil-A is routinely mentioned as being the best fast food option on the table, although the market has become somewhat saturated over the recent years.

Every place seems to have its own slant on he chicken sandwich now. McDonald’s stepped its game up, Burger King has a whole line of sandwiches, and even WingStop has gotten in on the game — admittedly a bit late considering how perfect the concept was for them.

But with the holiday season rolling around, hours tend to get a little wonky. That means just because you’re craving a chicken sandwich doesn’t mean it’ll be readily available for you.

Chick-Fil-a Black Friday hours 2022

By now you have probably driven to your local Chick-fil-A only to realize they are closed on Thanksgiving Day but don’t worry the deliciously perfect chicken fast-food chain will be re-opened on Black Friday, like normal.

The normal Friday hours for Chick-fil-A vary based on location, but generally open around 8 or 9 a.m. So load up on those Chicken Minis and Chick-fil-A Sauce.

The restaurant has prided itself on family values, even closing its doors every Sunday in order to allow its employees time with their families, of course, the holidays would be no different.

They even put an official statement out to the effect in regards to Thanksgiving Day.

“We’re taking time this day to reflect on what we’re grateful for – our family, friends, Team Members and guests – and to enjoy our second favorite bird. We hope you have the chance to do the same.”

Thankfully, Black Friday isn’t a “real” holiday,

And before you ask, no, they aren’t open on Christmas Day either you filthy animals!

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