Notre Dame offensive lineman Liam Eichenberg (74) lines up against Alabama during the Rose Bowl NCAA college football game in Arlington, Texas, Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

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—Smooth and efficient footwork out of his stance with impressive weight distribution in pass protection.

—Heavy, refined use of hands with an array of techniques to create, reset and take away leverage from pass-rushers (two-hand strike, snatch/trap technique, independent hands, double under).

—Plays with good posture in pass protection to keep his head out of blocks and defenders at his fingertips, allowing him to string together strikes and recover well against counter moves.

—Well-versed run-blocker who excels creating movement on down blocks, double-teams and climbing up to the second level to locate and fit on backers.

—Tremendous finisher who grates on defenders with a savvy understanding of how to irritate his opponent through the echo of the whistle.

—Excellent mental processing to diagnose line games and stunts with the recognition to see through defenders and work off multiple threats.


—Overly reliant on physicality and the two-handed strike to initiate contact in pass protection, shrinking his margin for error with timing and initial placement; needs to continue to diversify his approach.

—His range in pass protection will be a concern whenever on an island against very good and elite-level wide-9 speed-rushers.

—Inconsistent aiming points and footwork on angle-drive and kick-out blocks; tends to be too far outside at the point of attack with his hands, creating a soft inside shoulder for quick penetration.


—Second-team All-American by the AP.

—First-team All-ACC.

—Winner of the Jacobs Blocking Trophy

—12 starts.


—43 career game appearances with 38 consecutive starts to end his career (all at LT).

—Invited to the Senior Bowl but elected not to participate.

—Played for head coach Chuck Kyle at Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland.

—4-star prospect and ranked as a top 10 offensive tackle in the nation.


Eichenberg is a battle-tested left tackle who wins using efficient movements, refined use of hands and a keen understanding of leverage. He is extremely physical with outstanding competitive toughness and solid play strength to create movement on gap concepts with enough athletic ability to function in space. His athletic ability, length and explosiveness are middle-of-the-pack, but his play speed is very good because of how quickly he processes information. Eichenberg’s understanding of the game, use of leverage and toughness signal a longtime starter in the NFL.

GRADE: 8.0/10 (early Round 2)




Written by B/R NFL Scout Brandon Thorn

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