Renaissance Fighters lets you grow Davinci's muscles to fight demons, now open for pre-registration

Every so often, a game comes along and blows away all other games with its appealing ridiculousness, and Renaissance Fighters, it seems, aims to do just that. With the concept of “I Leonardo Davinci had a dream!”, the idle RPG takes players on a bizarre but seemingly satisfying journey through renaissance icons and bulky muscles.

Whether those two should actually be related to each other remains to be seen, but Renaissance Fighters does it anyway. Players follow the tale of poor ol’ Davinci, who “was dumped because of wimpiness”. He then proceeds to invent the muscle machine which inadvertently opens the gates of hell. Players must now grow Davinci’s muscles in order to defeat the forces of evil and drive back those pesky demons, because who wouldn’t be afraid of bulky muscles?


Players can enjoy idle gameplay along with flashy skill animations and a wide variety of weapons and outfits. There’s also apparently a special Mona Lisa buff that helps speed up stage completion, plus plenty of historical Renaissance figures you can collect. You can play with other players during raids as well to take down big bosses or go head-to-head in the Arena.

If you’re curious about the quirky concept of the game, you can pre-register for Renaissance Fighters on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Those who sign up during the pre-registration period will score the limited skin Mona Lisa. You can also take a little sneak peek at the embedded clip above to get a feel of the game’s vibes, gameplay, overall hilarity and general muscly-ness.

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