Florida now has America’s lowest COVID rate; Yahoo News asks if Gov. Ron DeSantis deserves any credit

Does Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis deserve credit? Weren’t you listening to MSNBC’s Joy Reid last night? DeSantis is inviting cops who’ve lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates to come to Florida and “breathe on” as many “vulnerable senior citizens” as possible, sending them to the ICU and killing them. Of course, Ron “DeathSantis” doesn’t deserve credit for anything.

Yahoo News’ Andrew Romano ventured out on a limb, though, and seemed to pose the question in good faith: does DeSantis deserve credit for Florida’s COVID rate?

Florida now has America’s lowest COVID rate. Does Ron DeSantis deserve credit?

One # to consider when answering that question. Nearly as many Floridians (21K) have died in the last 4 months as in *all* of 2020 (23K) — even though we have vaccines now. https://t.co/H8wuzrvl1v

— Andrew Romano (@AndrewRomano) October 27, 2021

Romano writes:

But don’t congratulate Florida just yet.

Like everything else about America’s COVID ordeal, the state’s declining infection numbers are being turned into political talking points. Conservatives on Twitter and Fox News now claim that Florida’s turnaround vindicates the hands-off policies of Republican Gov. (and likely 2024 presidential hopeful) Ron DeSantis, who spent his summer prohibiting local schools, businesses and governments from trying to minimize transmission by requiring masks or vaccination while emphasizing costly post-infection treatments such as monoclonal antibodies instead.

Hey Andrew, want to report on the fact that more Americans nationwide have died of COVID during Biden’s presidency compared to Trump’s presidency, even though we have vaccines now?

— Christina Pushaw 🐊 (@ChristinaPushaw) October 27, 2021

More Americans in every state died this year with the vaccines than last year without them, not just in the state with the lowest rate. Why is that, Andrew? Why have more Americans died in the ten months since we’ve gotten vaccinated than in an entire year without them?

— Aldous Huxley’s Ghost™ (@AF632) October 27, 2021

Sounds like someone is mad…. Herd immunity people. Californians be like…… pic.twitter.com/yuUVZvtExJ

— Hutchpiece (@Hardballhot) October 27, 2021

I bet if CA has these numbers your article would be about how Newsom’s hard line approach is proof masking, lockdowns and mandates work. Right?

— Red Cardinal (@RedCardinal2088) October 27, 2021

Of course.

— Amygator 🐊 LGBFJB+ (@AmyA1A) October 27, 2021

You hyperpartisan hacks have no problem with Butcher Murphy D-NJ who is up for re-election next week. I live in the county with the highest per capita death rate along with most of the major network staffers but you won’t hear a peep against him.

— puzzledagain (@PatPuzzled) October 27, 2021

Thank you @AndrewRomano for clarifying that nothing is true or possible without the media explaining it with a leftist spin first. DeSantis CAN’T be responsible for the dive in cases based on his policies; it has to be because of something the democrats did instead. Thanks! 🤡🇺🇸

— Fit American Girlie (@JenniferBeils) October 27, 2021

I’m just curious, where is your medical degree so you are able to tell us exactly why Florida’s Covid numbers are low?

— Jetta (@Jetta8300) October 27, 2021

National Correspondent and ‘Internet Doctor.’

— James D Morrison (@CVerko) October 27, 2021

Article has medical disinformation. “going so far as to tweet about monoclonal antibodies — an expensive treatment that helps only after you’ve gotten infected and potentially transmitted the virus to others”

What does @Twitter do with medical disinfo during a pandemic?

— Alvaroidz (@Alvaroidz) October 27, 2021

As vaccines fail, new variants emerge, and impact of boosters remain uncertain, early treatment with monoclonal ABs is important to prevent hospitalizations. @GovDeSantis
was ahead of the curve. His model of mobile early treatment centers should be adopted by ALL states

— SandraKathleen (@SandraKathleen4) October 27, 2021

Sir, early this year DeSantis was tweeting about vaccines very often, to make sure we Floridians knew how to get vaccinated and when we’d be eligible. It simply isn’t true he hasn’t talked about vaccines. He has also talked about monocloidal antibodies, because he oversaw 1/2)

— hummingbirder (@Humming_birder) October 27, 2021

that distribution plan as well, even after Biden cut off those supplies to spite him. We may as well face the fact that COVID *is* endemic. The vaccines don’t provide immunity or stop the spread. So everyone will have to continue dealing with it. 2/2

— hummingbirder (@Humming_birder) October 27, 2021

And if you enjoy mask mandates and vaccines, you’re free to wear, 2, 3, or even 23 masks. You’re also free to inject yourself with as many vaccines that you want. No one’s stopping you. And social distance yourself as well. In fact, lock yourself up. We’d be better off.

— Rick Mylan (@rickmylan) October 27, 2021

So they don’t get “credit” if the numbers fall but do get the “blame” when the numbers go up??

I think that is why this has become a politcal thing. Bottom line virus is gonna virus. You can’t control it with masks or lockdowns. That is proven. Let it play out.

— ColoradoJoe (@ColoradoJoe5) October 27, 2021

And no, DeSantis did not do anything to improve Covid numbers. However what he did do was improve the quality of life for everyone living in his state, while everyone else imposes mandates and restrictions that don’t work. You’re focusing on the wrong goal.

— Jetta (@Jetta8300) October 27, 2021

You’re missing the point in the purpose of his policies. Protect the vulnerable, while letting the virus take its course. Data shows 99.5% will be fine. DeSantis gets credit for preserving freedoms, economy, sanity, while preventing government overreach. Opposite of a liberal.

— Greg Muth (@byteart17) October 27, 2021

Are you upset?

— Seth (@LibertarianSeth) October 27, 2021


— john boy (@flapgreen) October 27, 2021

Do you really think you are a journalist?

— charles Murphy (@charles53640343) October 27, 2021


— Bert Rambeau (@bert_rambeau) October 27, 2021

Where are all of the stories about all of the other governors and their states?


PolitiFact rules Gov. DeSantis’ 100% accurate statement on jobs in Florida is only ‘half true’ https://t.co/BlWuNKijiJ

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) October 27, 2021

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